Gourmet finds in the neighbourhood – March, 2014 update

I haven’t updated this list in quite a while. Some of my finds have gone out of business and I will be adding some new finds to this list.


Sausage Partners closed their doors which was very unfortunate. Their sausages were amongst the best we have ever had. Olliffe Butcher Shop took over their location at 1378 Queen Street East, just east of Greenwood. I have not visited this location of Olliffe but I have been to their Summerhill location and found their prices to be very, very expensive.

Culinarium on Mount Pleasant closed their shop last year.

Ka Ka Lucky Seafood was our go-to place for Chinese takeout. But they have received too many citations by DineSafe for our liking. Click here for all of the ugly details.

Uzel Olives on Danforth has closed their location and apparently reopened on Danforth closer to Pape Avenue. I will leave them on this list for now and get their new address.

Additions to come:

Andrea’s Gerrard Street Bakery

Grilltime – new blog post February 24, 2014: https://petervisima.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/grilltime-gourmet-meats-andy-elders-gem-in-leaside/

Hansen’s Danish Pastry Shop – new blog post March 6, 2014: Hansen’s Danish Pastry Shop http://wp.me/p2Ed5w-oO

Royal Beef

Big House Pizza

Manning Canning – new blog post February 28, 2014: https://petervisima.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/christine-manning-portrait-of-an-entrepreneur/

No.7 Hot Sauce

East York Civic Centre Farmers’ Market

Fairmount Park Farm Market

North Pole Bakery: This store has been on the Danforth for 40 years and I have probably walked past it hundreds of times. Until blogTO did a story about it, I never knew they had these terrific cannolis. 1210 Danforth Avenue east of Greenwood, north side. Best cannoli in the city. Ask for the large size Sicilian with ricotta cheese. Lucy the owner, fills them fresh as you order them so they are never soggy. http://www.blogto.com/bakery/north-pole-bakery-toronto

Meating on Queen: 1160 Queen Street East, on the northeast corner of Queen and Jones. This is a family run business with over 20 kinds of sausages, including unusual ones like pork with blueberries and chicken with strawberries. They are all excellent and decently priced.


Kristapson’s Smoked Salmon: 1095 Queen Street East, west of Jones, south side. Cold-smoked salmon. If presentation is not an issue, ask for a bag of “bits” which is only $9.50. This is cold-smoked salmon which is delicate and literally melts in your mouth.


Hooked: 888 Queen Street East, just west of Logan, north side. Kristin and Dan Donovan are the owners, and one of them is usually behind the counter serving. They are both chefs so they can provide handy details about how to cook any type of seafood they sell. Everything they sell is all about sustainable fish so they can tell you where and how it was caught.


Olive and Olives: 779 Queen Street east, east of Broadview, south side. I haven’t tried this place but it has quite a reputation originating out of Montreal.


Uzel Olives: 974 Danforth Avenue, just west of Donlands, north side. They sell Turkish olives which are more meaty and less salty than Greek olives. Try their house blend, it’s amazing, and they are anxious to give you free samples of everything.


Fresh From The Farm: 350 Donlands Avenue, across from the old Donlands Theatre, west side. Owned and run by Jacqui and Tim Schmucker. You can order online and then pick up your order Thursday, Friday or Saturday. We buy our ground turkey, pork and veal here along with bacon, eggs, grass-fed beef. Not everything is available fresh every week—sometimes it’s frozen. Selection changes by the season. It’s a great store and Jacqui is fantastic and always helpful.


Leslieville Cheese Market: 381 Donlands Avenue, south of O’Connor, south of the old Theatre on the east side. I have not visited this particular location but have been to their store on Queen Street East at Logan.


Valentino’s Smokin’ Salmon: 140 O’Connor Drive, east of Pape, north side. Cold-smoked salmon similar to Kristapson’s. A bit more expensive but closer to home and open on Sundays.



Pâtisserie La Cigogne: 1419 Danforth Avenue, east of Monarch Park, south side. Great place for a coffee and they have wonderful croissants, baguettes and other pastry delights.


Di Liso’s Fine Meats: St. Lawrence Market, south building, left side towards the back. Great selection of steaks, Cornish hens, double smoked bacon. Another great butcher at St. Lawrence Market is Whitehouse Meats.


Bibiche Bistro: 2326 Queen Street East, west of the Neville loop, west of Neville Park Blvd., north side. Bibiche was our favourite neighbourhood restaurant when they were located at Greenwood and Danforth, a nice easy walk from our house. They re-located to the Beaches and the food and service are still fantastic. Harry and Hugh are the owners. Harry is your jovial server/waiter and Hugh is the cook. Portions are gigantic, so you never leave hungry.


Here is my review posted on Trip Advisor:


3 thoughts on “Gourmet finds in the neighbourhood – March, 2014 update”

  1. Fantastic post – some I knew, some are new for me … Now I’m terrifically hungry 🙂

  2. My friend just started working at the Culinarium. I’m in the south west end so haven’t had a chance to get up there yet but it looks great!

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