The website 500px.com is a source of inspiration. Unlike photo sharing sites like Flickr, this website is designed to be a showcase for photographers to show only the best of their best work. You won’t find photos of cats with hats and sunglasses here. Only stunning and amazing photography by photographers from all over the world.

The gang at 500px.com is very young and very talented. And I love the fact that they were a very small Toronto startup venture. As part of the technology for their website is concerned, they developed a compression algorithm that contains the best compromise between file size and image quality. How many of us have been disappointed when posting images to Facebook only to the the huge degree of tonal compression and often artifacts as well? 500px.com’s images are stunning.

If you ever want to waste a few minutes or hours scouring through the thousands of incredible images, 500px.com is the place.

I have an account there and have posted what I consider to be some of my best work. If you have a moment please take a look at some of my photos: http://500px.com/PeterVisima

My 500px.com page

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