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Today, my wife and I decided to get bundled up and go for a walk. The temperature was -6°C and with the wind chill it felt like -13°C. One of our favourite places to walk is the Lower Don River Trail which leads to a trail that loops around Crothers Woods. There are numerous access points to the trail, but we decided to travel to Beechwood Drive which runs north from O’Connor Drive. Beechwood ends at the bottom of the hill and we were surprised at the number of vehicles that were there today. Most of the people who drove brought their dogs, many of which were off-leash but very well-behaved. (Click on any photo to see a larger version.) Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 05-03-14, 1.30.38 PM

There had been a light dusting of snow overnight, but with the number of people and dogs that had already been out on the trails, the depth of snow did not pose a problem for a nice leisurely walk. Part of the reason for choosing this section of the valley was that it tends to be less windy in the valley and we certainly didn’t need the discomfort of a wind chill in our faces.

It has been a while since we visited this area and we were surprised with the work that was being done to preserve and protect the Cottonwood Flats.Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_2_2014-03-05_11-02-27_DSC_1363

Cottonwood Flats with a new protective fence

Cottonwood Flats with a new protective fence

It’s a shame to see graffiti on this beautiful bridge:Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_7_2014-03-05_11-03-35_DSC_1368

During our walk it was sunny for a moment, then it became cloudy, then it began to snow lightly and then the sun came out again!Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_12_2014-03-05_11-09-49_DSC_1373Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_15_2014-03-05_11-20-30_DSC_1376

We came upon two women who were out walking five large dogs, all of which were very friendly. A couple of the dogs were staked out at the bottom of a tree. They were just staring up at a lone squirrel in the tree.Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_19_2014-03-05_11-21-25_DSC_1380Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_23_2014-03-05_11-22-29_DSC_1384

The ever changing sky and weather

The ever-changing sky and weather

It was surprising to us that the Don River was not frozen over. I guess the speed of the water at this point prevents it from freezing:Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_28_2014-03-05_11-25-45_DSC_1389Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_33_2014-03-05_11-28-56_DSC_1394Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_44_2014-03-05_11-37-52_DSC_1405

I never miss a chance to photograph my favourite railway trestle. This is an active line which has commuter GO trains traveling on it:Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_32_2014-03-05_11-28-22_DSC_1393

This part of the path continues on towards Pottery Road and Todmorden Mills, and continues further south to way below the Bloor Street Viaduct and all the way to Lake Shore Boulevard:Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_38_2014-03-05_11-30-46_DSC_1399Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_47_2014-03-05_11-42-01_DSC_1408Mar_5_WalkaboutCrothers_50_2014-03-05_11-42-13_DSC_1411

We walked for just under an hour and covered 3.5 kilometres, which was enough for today.