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For the past couple of months we have undergone two major renovations in our home: kitchen and master bathroom. For most of that time I have been house-bound dealing with our contractor and his sub-trades. We are 99% complete and I am finally getting back to my normal routines which include walking and photography.

This morning I enjoyed a long overdue walk in the Lower Don Valley. I drove over to Beechwood Drive and parked my car near the Toronto Police Dog Services building.

As I was getting my photo gear together a man and woman with two dogs noticed my camera gear and said that they had just seen two deer on the Crothers Woods loop. I thanked them and immediately changed lenses from my 16-85 to the 70-200. I figured if I was lucky enough to see them then I would need the extra focal length to capture them if they were deep in the woods.

I haven’t been to the Lower Don in quite some time and was disappointed to see quite a bit of construction going on. Enbridge is doing some excavation and there was a great deal of sand, dust and gravel on my way to the trail.

I’m not a flower or plant expert so I have no idea what these are, but they were everywhere (as with all of my blogposts, click on any photo to see a larger version):Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_1_2013-08-14_09-24-21_DSC_5728

With every trip to the Lower Don I can’t resist in capturing another photo of my favourite railway trestle:Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_12_2013-08-14_09-27-38_DSC_5739Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_150_2013-08-14_10-20-55_DSC_5877

This sign is new and improved since it now shows all the trails that branch away from the main Crothers Woods loop. A pdf can be found at this link.Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_146_2013-08-14_10-19-02_DSC_5873

If anyone can help identify these plants, feel free to leave a comment below:Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_15_2013-08-14_09-30-57_DSC_5742Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_16_2013-08-14_09-31-27_DSC_5743Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_20_2013-08-14_09-32-16_DSC_5747

There were lots of bees doing their thing and thankfully no mosquitoes. I was prepared for them since I wore a long-sleeve shirt, long pants and socks and shoes. Mosquitoes seem to love me and I even had my Off Clip-On just in case.Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_26_2013-08-14_09-33-39_DSC_5753


I assume this is a butterfly as opposed to a moth. This poor guy has certainly endured some hardship to its wings:Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_54_2013-08-14_09-43-25_DSC_5781


My photography today wasn’t limited to flora and fauna. You sometimes have to look up and I captured this airliner between the overhead hydro lines:Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_95_2013-08-14_10-00-57_DSC_5822

Capturing birds in flight is still something I haven’t perfected. Today I was very lucky to capture this butterfly in flight:Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_117_2013-08-14_10-14-38_DSC_5844


On the paved road back to the car, this little guy was just standing in the middle of the road:Aug_14_WalkaboutCrothers_182_2013-08-14_10-25-37_DSC_5909

Here is a link to today’s walkabout. I did the Crothers Woods loop twice in the hope of seeing the deer but I had no luck today. Another person I met said the deer are regular visitors to that area so I will be back and try to photograph them another day.