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I first met Duff Dixon, president of Ontario Gas BBQ, several years ago. We were both invited to a gala luncheon for the Princess Margaret Lottery. Duff and I were there because our companies were supplying prizes for the Lottery. Duff and I exchanged business cards and I found out that Ontario Gas BBQ was a Big Green Egg dealer. For those of you who don’t know about the Big Green Egg, it is an amazing culinary tool.

I had wanted a Big Green Egg for years, and for my birthday in 2010, my wife said that she would buy me a Big Green Egg. I called up Duff and he put together all the necessary bits and pieces for a medium-size Egg. I picked it up on my birthday and drove it home fully assembled in our car.

For starters, here are some photos of my Egg in action. We have grilled steaks at 650°F, smoked pork, chicken, turkey and duck at 225°F, and baked pizza and bread on the Egg. With its thick ceramic walls, it is the perfect grill, smoker and oven. And of course, it is old-school, using lump charcoal—no briquettes for this baby!BGE May 1, 2010BGE ribsBGE Sittin ChickenJuly_8_BGE_pizza__29_2012-07-08_19-29-39_DSC_4187September_11_Soup_Bread__17_2012-09-11_17-48-27_DSC_3487

The Big Green Egg is just one of an amazing number of products available at Ontario Gas BBQ. If you are into grilling, smoking or any kind of barbecue activity, you will be like a kid in a candy store at Duff’s place.

Duff takes great pride in knowing that his store is the largest BBQ store in the world. With over 51,000 square feet of space, Duff has everything that you could ever need in the barbecue world.

3310 Langstaff Road, Concord, Ontario

3310 Langstaff Road, Concord, Ontario


One of the store’s claims to fame is one entire huge room dedicated to nothing but pellets, charcoal, wood chips, chunks and logs. Apple, cherry, pecan, mesquite and hickory flavours are just some of the available woods.April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-04-24_DSC_0237April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-05-51_DSC_0241April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-06-43_DSC_0244April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-07-43_DSC_0247

I love this part of Duff’s store with all the Big Green Eggs laid out plus their cool accessories and parts:April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-18-25_DSC_0275April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-09-19_DSC_0251

How cute is the Big Gren Egg Mini!

How cute is the Big Green Egg Mini?

The Big Green Egg tablecoth weights, salt and pepper shakers and candles are also available

The Big Green Egg tablecoth weights, salt and pepper shakers and candles are also available

And if you think Ontario Gas BBQ only sells the Big Green Egg, my goodness, think again. How about outdoor pizza ovens?April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-12-19_DSC_0258April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-11-04_DSC_0254April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-20-43_DSC_0290

And if you want the traditional old-school smokers, they have every size you need:April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-13-54_DSC_0263

For those chilly evenings here are some propane heaters and fire pits:April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-11-28_DSC_0255April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-15-31_DSC_0267

And if you are looking for an unusual cooker, check out this pig roaster called La Caja China. Have a look at Duff’s video.April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-11-46_DSC_0256

Here is another specialty item cooking device called the Speducci:April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-13-26_DSC_0260

Do you need more grills? Here are a few more:April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-12-56_DSC_0259April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-17-09_DSC_0270April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-21-41_DSC_0298April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-20-15_DSC_0288April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-23-56_DSC_0314April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-24-22_DSC_0316

Once you have bought your outdoor pizza oven you will definitely need to buy a peel:April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-23-36_DSC_0312

And an apron:April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-25-10_DSC_0322

And some dry rub/spices/marinades/sauces. My favourite dry rubs are the ones from Dizzy Pig and they now have some no-salt versions:April_15_OntarioGasBBQ__2013-04-15_11-25-25_DSC_0326

Although I didn’t get a photograph of it, Ontario Gas BBQ carries the absolute best instant-read thermometer. You may have seen Alton Brown using it in his cooking shows, but Duff has them in many different colours. Don’t believe all the old techniques about poking your food to test for doneness. Nothing compares to the accuracy of the Thermapen.

If you love to barbecue and need parts, service, advice, rubs or any kind of accessory, then Ontario Gas BBQ is your must-visit destination. Duff and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help you in any way. That’s why they have been in business for over 30 years!