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Today Nancy and I met up with two food bloggers, Dave O’Ball and Vicky Weiss. We had never met Dave or Vicky up until today, but they are both very active on the social media channels and I have been “talking” to Vicky for many months on Twitter.

Here is Vicky’s website: http://momwhoruns.com/

And here is Dave’s website: http://www.davwudsfoodcourt.blogspot.ca/

Vicky suggested we meet at Fancy Franks located at 326 College Street just east of Augusta on the north side. Their website is under construction but they are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FancyFranksGourmetHotDogs and Twitter @FancyFranks.

Click on any photo to see a larger version:

December _14_FancyFranks_12_2012-12-14_12-21-54_DSC_8313December _14_FancyFranks_1_2012-12-14_12-18-36_DSC_8302December _14_FancyFranks_3_2012-12-14_12-18-44_DSC_8304December _14_FancyFranks_5_2012-12-14_12-19-05_DSC_8306

We each ordered a different gourmet hot dog and then Dave did a masterful job with a plastic knife in dividing each hot dog into four portions. The first one was Nancy’s and my favourite and it’s my bad I didn’t catch the name! It was covered in Panko breadcrumbs and deep fried:December _14_FancyFranks_10_2012-12-14_12-21-11_DSC_8311

Next up was the Frankaphone which contained smoked gruyere, horseradish cheddar, curds and honey dijon mayo. This one was quite tasty:December _14_FancyFranks_6_2012-12-14_12-20-40_DSC_8307

Next up was Franko Fancy-Aano that had prosciutto, reggiano cheese, arugula and balsamic dijon mustard. It was a bit on the salty side due to the prosciutto and we all agreed a tad dry:December _14_FancyFranks_14_2012-12-14_12-23-24_DSC_8315

And the last one was Franks Got Seoul which had Korean beef ribs, kimchi, sesame seeds and scallions. Very tasty:December _14_FancyFranks_17_2012-12-14_12-23-32_DSC_8318

Our dessert came as two serving of doughnuts with various toppings. They were outstanding and still warm:December _14_FancyFranks_24_2012-12-14_12-47-20_DSC_8325December _14_FancyFranks_27_2012-12-14_12-59-57_DSC_8328

The franks varied anywhere from $6 to $9. Some people would suggest that the prices are outrageous for a hot dog, but we felt these prices were not unreasonable:December _14_FancyFranks_18_2012-12-14_12-36-31_DSC_8319

The service was fast and friendly and you could also add numerous toppings to any of their gourmet hot dogs. We did hear that their poutine is excellent and a gentleman sitting next to us was having an amazing chili dog—the aroma was fantastic.

Would we go back? Absolutely! If you find yourself in Kensington Market and decide you want a gourmet hot dog, head on up Augusta to College and visit Fancy Franks.