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This blogpost focuses on the power of social media and what it can do for any retail enterprise. Many of you know that I am a geek and follow all kinds of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. For a retailer, social media is one of those intangible assets that drives most CEO’s crazy. They know that they have to be in those channels but they always ask “…what is the return on my investment?” That is a question which is almost always impossible to quantify. But if the demographic of your customers is of a certain age that relates to your products, then social media can be a powerful tool.

Here is an example of a well-executed social media campaign. Because I follow numerous Twitter feeds on a daily basis, I came across a contest:

I have used Bumpercrop products, which are terrific:


And I have also sampled This Pig Bacon which also has a great product:


So I Tweeted my choice for Joanna Sable’s products of Bumpercrop and received this message:

Today I travelled along Manor Road over to 2055 Yonge Street. Both side-street and Yonge Street parking was available.

I arrived at this quaint store and took a few photos from outside:

The shop is co-owned by Vito Rizzuto and Matthew Kumprey. You can read about their story here:


Upon entering their store, I saw that they carried a fabulous variety of great looking fresh meats, sausages and other tasty treats.

I then met a lovely young lady named Sarah and told her that I was the winner of their Twitter contest. Sarah immediately congratulated me on my win and offered me any of the many fantastic Bumpercrop products as my prize:

While I was there, I also purchased some double-smoked bacon and a coconut/lime marinated spatchcocked chicken.

Here are some photos of some of their other great offerings:

They also have many other tasty treats available in store:

My thanks go out to Sarah, Matthew and Vito for letting me have discovered a great new gourmet food resource. Also, well done for a great entrepreneur, Joanna Sable for her outstanding Bumpercrop products. And the lesson to be learned here is that social media can be a very powerful weapon for the success of any retail enterprise if done correctly. A simple on-line contest provided this retailer with a new customer to their store, with very little cost involved. A great execution and result.