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I have been taking it easy this week since I had gum graft surgery on Monday. My recovery has been remarkable… I had some pain and swelling on Tuesday, but by Wednesday I felt fine. Waking up today to a bright sunny sky, I decided I needed to get back to my walking routine which has been sporadic over the past while.

The temperature this morning was just below zero degrees Celsius. I put on my scarf, gloves and my Manfrotto Lino Field Jacket:


The Field Jacket is a great accessory for photographers. With numerous pockets I was able to take my Nikon D90 with one lens attached, plus I put two extra lenses in other pockets. This jacket will hold a ton of gear which means that I didn’t have to drag a camera bag with me.

Since it was chilly outside, I didn’t want to push my luck by walking too far today. So I decided to drive to my destination and then do my walkabout. I drove to one of my favourite spots which I have blogged about before: The Lower Don Recreation Trail and The Crothers Woods Trail. A great access point is at the foot of Beechwood Drive which runs north from O’Connor Drive between Broadview Avenue and Pape Avenue. This is a popular spot for people with dogs. They park their cars here and then head into the trails.

Since it was shortly after 9 am, the sun was still relatively low in the sky which made for great long shadows. It’s funny that just yesterday, a friend of mine asked if I was getting taller. So here are a couple of photos of me being really, really, tall (click on any image to see a larger version):


Using my super-wide Tokina 11-16mm lens, I was able to capture my feet and the entire length of the shadow.

I have photographed this railway trestle many times, and it always looks different. With the wide angle Tokina lens I captured a bit of a different perspective:

Switching to my Micro Nikkor 40mm lens, I captured these additional images of the trestle:


There is a bridge that crosses the Don River which has many photo opportunities:

40mm Micro Nikkor lens

The Crothers Woods Trail is a circular trail. I took the path to the right which leads to a fairly rapid incline which gets your heartbeat going. It then flattens out to an area that is still being worked on by the City. Kudos to the City for planting so many trees and doing some great landscaping and making the footpath flat and even. Hydro has put in these shiny new hydro towers which can be seen if you drive up the Bayview Extension:

Being this late in the season, most of the leaves on the trees have fallen to the ground and are in various states of decay. I just love photographing simple leaves with backlighting. It’s dramatic and it is fun to play with the aperture and throw the backgrounds out of focus:

At every turn on the path there was something new to be seen. And because it was still cold out, the overnight frost was still on many of the leaves. Some of them looked like they were coated in sugar:


This discarded plastic water bottle was covered in frost:

A few more random photos:

And my favourite photo from today is one that I had posted on my Facebook page and received this comment from Christine Cooper which really sums it up: “Sigh. The Canadian in me is loving this pic.”

Somehow I missed photographing this location when the Fall colours were at their best. I won’t make that mistake next year.