This morning I visited a local French bakery called Le Matin. It is located on Coady Avenue in  Leslieville just off of Queen Street East, one block east of Jones Avenue. Co-owned by Jean-Pierre Challet and Arnaud Presti this bakery features breads, pastries, quiche, cakes, along with pâté, duck confit, and many other treats.


The shop has a great neighbourhood feeling and the locals visit here with children in their strollers to pick up a treat or two.

Here are some beautiful sesame and poppy-seed baguettes:

Beautiful fresh baguettes:

Fondant chocolate cake:

Tasty looking french style crackers:

My wife and I have been to France four times. We love the country, the people and most of all, the food! I have been on a search in Toronto for what the French call saucisson sec, which is a dry, slightly fatty cured sausage. I have tried many that have even had the words “saucisson sec” on the label, but none were as good as what we had in France. Le Matin’s co-owner’s wife Lili suggested I try a version that they carry which is produced in France called Rosette Nature. I purchased some and we will try it tonight:

One of our other favourite foods from France is something called cassoulet. It is sometimes known as peasant food and there are many variations. I have been able to cook a few that I think would stand up to those in France. Three key ingredients to a good cassoulet are navy beans, sausage and duck confit. It is quite easy to obtain duck confit almost anywhere in Toronto, even Loblaws sells it! But I couldn’t resist purchasing a package from Lili for my next cassoulet:

I first discovered Le Matin by attending the Sunday Leslieville Farmers’ Market. Le Matin is always in attendance with their baked treats:

If you visit Leslieville, you owe it to yourself to visit Le Matin Bakery and try some authentic French treats!