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On Thursday, September 6th we decided to do a road trip to Stratford, Ontario. Stratford is a charming little town about 2-hours away from Toronto. It is home to many festivals and is world famous for its theatre company, music, restaurants and Victorian architecture. I will be doing a separate post about Stratford.

The other reason we had for visiting Stratford was to visit the Monforte Dairy. If you have been following my farmers’ markets posts, you will certainly know that I am a big fan of the Monforte Dairy products. Monforte is doing an amazing job of getting their products known all around the GTA. They regularly attend farmers’ markets in East York, Leslieville, Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto City Hall) and numerous other markets all over the city including the famous St. Lawrence Market on Saturdays (north building).

Over the past several months I have had the pleasure of meeting Monforte’s staff including Rachel, Constance, Tina and Naomi. At every market they are anxious to provide you with samples of any of their product line.

Monforte Dairy is owned and operated by Ruth Klahsen. Ruth is obviously passionate about creating wonderful artisanal cheese products. Her product line includes cheeses made from sheep, goat, cow and water buffalo milk:


At the Monforte Dairy in Stratford they have a retail store located at 49 Griffith Road. Tours of the dairy are not available due to restrictions and regulations associated with any food preparation facility. But Ruth encouraged us to walk around the facility to peek in the windows to see the various cheese preparation and packaging rooms. Photography through glass windows is always a challenge but I managed to get these photographs:

Ruth is a big fan of graffiti and she brought in some gifted artists to give the Monforte Dairy a unique character:

We had a great cheese tasting which was provided to us by Ruth’s oldest son Daniel who can be seen on Saturdays at St. Lawrence Market (north building).

If you love cheese, you owe it to yourself to discover and support our local hard-working cheese-makers! Many thanks to Ruth and Daniel for their hospitality on a wonderful sunny day in Stratford.