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With all the buildup and excitement leading to my daughter’s wedding, I haven’t been able to maintain my regular schedule of daily walkabouts. But today I managed to get out for a walkabout.

I have written about Beechwood Drive before and it is a roadway that leads down to the Don Valley and the Lower Don Recreation Trail. Branching off from that trail is another path that takes you into Crothers Woods Trail. The Google Map below shows where Beechwood Drive goes north from O’Connor Drive and descends into the valley. I have marked on the map the Railway Trestle and Pedestrian Bridge which you will see photos of as you scroll down. And as always, click on any photo to see a larger version.

Google Map showing the Lower Don Recreation Trail and Crothers Woods Trail and the location of the Railway Trestle and Pedestrian Bridge.

This is the underpass at Beechwood Drive. Above is the Don Valley Parkway:

Here is the Railway Trestle taken on an angle. What follows are 3 versions of the same photo. I don’t normally use filters or tricks in post-processing my shots, but I installed some new plug-ins that produce different effects. The first photo is straight from the camera with a small tweak done for colour correction in Aperture:

The second version is a black and white that I made in Aperture:

And this last version is a filter that vignettes and ages the photo. I think the subject matter lends itself well to this effect. The only tip-off that this is a modern day photo is the visible graffiti.

Here’s a straight on view of the bridge. I posted many of these on my 500px page: http://500px.com/PeterVisima The straight on view was a crowd favourite. Again I did 3versions. The first is straight out of the camera with minor colour correction:

Next is a black and white version:

And last is a version with a filter called Polaroid Transfer. This garnered the most number of votes as was favoured by many people on 500px. This photo was my highest rated, receiving a 500px “pulse” of 94.1%:

It is worthwhile noting that this track is in daily use. It carries the GO train and is the same track you see if you drive down Pottery Road to Bayview Avenue. Since there are no vehicles here, there are no gates or barrier, just the warning signals. Note to self: don’t be standing here taking photographs while listening to my music on my iPhone!

Further along this trail is a new and modern Pedestrian Bridge that leads to the Crothers Woods Trail:

I added a photo filter to age the photo and give it a border as well

I found this spider web on the Pedestrian Bridge. I have to say it’s the oddest jumble of a web that I have ever seen:

Here’s my obligatory self-portrait. There are long shadows at 7:30 in the morning:

Back up onto the streets on my way home, I found this vehicle. Obviously the owner knows the finer points of how duct tape holds anything together. I’m guessing he’s probably a big fan of WD-40 as well. What’s the old saying; if it moves use duct tape, if it doesn’t move use WD-40:

My last photo for today’s walkabout is this streetcar. I think it’s a clever ad: