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Today’s walkabout took me down a road that I haven’t been on in at least 25 years. When Nancy and I lived on O’Connor Drive, directly across from our house was Beechwood Drive. This road lead downhill towards and under the Don Valley Parkway. Beechwood ends and the Lower Don Recreational Trail passes by this point.

If you turn to the right (north) the trail takes you up the west side of the Don Valley Parkway up towards Overlea Boulevard. It also branches into Taylor Creek Park and takes you east to Dawes Road. I love that little stretch of Taylor Creek Park.

If you turn left (south) from Beechwood you cross Pottery Road near Bayview and then pass under the Bloor Street Viaduct. Opposite Riverdale Park near Bridgepoint Health the trail crosses a bridge and you are now on the east side of the Don River. I took another bridge near Bridgepoint that took me up and over the Don Valley Parkway towards Broadview Avenue and my trek home. I did just a bit over 11km in about two hours time. I was off my 10-minute per kilometre pace since there were so many great photo opportunities that I saw today. Here are some of the images and as always, click on any to see a larger version:

This is probably the tamest rabbit I have ever seen. I spotted it about 30 feet away from me and literally got to within two feet before it darted into the woods. This was on Beechwood Drive.

Beechwood Drive as it passes under the Don Valley Parkway

It’s great that the city has lots of information boards plus signage for directions and distances

Some of the early morning mist and fog make for some great photos in the valley

The vegetation is lush and full of flowers

At some points, the Don River looks deceptively calm, but this is a significant river which would cause you difficulty if you fell in.

This is the new pedestrian/bicycle crossing on Pottery Road near Todmorden Mills.

You are forced into a small zig-zag so you cannot directly cross Pottery Road. Obviously to prevent accidents as the cars really do whiz by here at high speed.

At the Bayview/Bloor offramp the Trail is right beside the Don Valley Parkway

An old elevated railway trestle. This is part of the same trestle you see on the Bayview Extension near the Don Valley Brickworks (Evergreen Brickworks).

Railway trestle and support column

Photographers learn to always look back to where you have just come from. There’s always another photo op over your shoulder.

A scourge on our modern landscape–graffiti is everywhere.

Another look back to where I have come from.

This is underneath the Bayview/Bloor exit ramp from the Don Valley Parkway.

This bridge provided for some great photo ops.

Same shot as previous but converted to black and white.

This is my favourite image from today

The Bloor Street Viaduct

I love the sign! Now I can’t get that song out of my head.

The Don Valley Parking Lot. It was actually moving fairly well today.