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It was a perfect 20°C and slightly overcast for my morning walkabout. I never have a pre-planned route when I start out on my walks. Turn left or right, go north or south, I never know which. If it’s really hot and sunny I try to make my way east so that on my return leg home the sun will be at my back.

At the very north end of Coxwell Avenue at O’Connor Drive, Coxwell becomes Coxwell Boulevard for a very short two blocks. Where Coxwell Boulevard meets Taylor Drive, there is a small park called Cullen Bryant Park which contains a hidden entrance with stairs leading down to Taylor Creek Park. You cannot see the entrance from the street because it is located at the northern most point of the park.

Once in Taylor Creek Park I usually turn right and walk towards Dawes Road. Today I turned left and was disappointed to find that the trail shortly ended at the parking lot which leads in off of Don Mills Road. There is a massive sewer construction site going on but the site had a sign pointing to a Walkway. I followed it and a rough gravel path became narrower and narrower and eventually turned into a pretty rough and narrow dirt path. Before I knew it I was deep in the woods and had no idea where I was. The GPS on my phone showed that I was deep inside Coxwell Ravine. The path was not very well travelled but there were recent bicycle tire tracks. I thought that perhaps the trail would lead me up towards O’Connor Drive. Wrong! It brought me back to the construction site after about half an hour slogging through the woods. I won’t be turning left at the bottom of those stairs again!

The hidden stairway in Cullen Bryant Park leading down into Taylor Creek Park

I love the thickness of the vegetation as you get down into Taylor Creek Park. The temperature is noticeably cooler that being up on the streets.

This is Taylor Creek. From the direction of the water it runs right into the Don River which runs into Lake Ontario.

The path leading into Coxwell Ravine Park

Deep inside Coxwell Ravine Park. Not a person in sight.

The arrow in this Google Maps link shows exactly where I was when I took this photograph. My Nikon 1 V1 camera has the optional GP-N100 GPS device which tags every photo I take with the exact location of where I was when I clicked the shutter button. You can see the exact GPS coordinates in the link below. The camera imbeds that data directly into the EXIF header data of the file. That is great technology!


Back on the normal trail in Taylor Creek Park

This is a great place to come and enjoy the fall colours

My elusive search for a 1952 (the year I was born) manhole cover continues. I found this one at the corner of Cosburn and Cedarvale Avenues near Stan Wadlow Park. And no, I’m not walking around the city with my head down looking at manhole cover dates all the time!