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Today’s walkabout took me across Danforth Avenue, up and over Main Street, along Kingston Road, down Lee Avenue, across Queen Street East and back up Greenwood Avenue to home. My total distance covered today was 10.6km at a decent temperature of 24°C.

I always have my Nikon 1 V1 camera with me and today I was using the 10-30mm zoom lens. Although I have walked this same route many times in the past, I always seem to find great photo opportunities–they are always there, you just have to look for them and be ready to shoot.

The morning sky

Danforth Avenue looking east towards Main Street

Keeping the sun away on the Danforth

This little semi on Lee Avenue is totally leaning to one side. The porch is crooked as are the porch supports and the porch roof.

The crooked porch roof support

A great wall mural painted on the side of Beach IGA at the corner of Lee Avenue and Queen Street East

For the second time this week I have seen a lineup of people wanting to get into their local library. This one is at Lee Avenue and Queen Street East adjacent to Kew Beach Park/Gardens. Either they have some great hot new titles, or people are wanting to enjoy the air-conditioning in the library

Cobs Bread at 1975 Queen Street East, east of Woodbine Avenue

I bought the Cape Seed Loaf

Cape Seed Loaf from Cobs Bread


A friend of mine has visited Chino Locos and says their tacos and burritos are excellent. Located on the west side of Greenwood Avenue just north of Queen Street East

An old man having a snooze on his front porch on Greenwood Avenue. I guess he doesn’t like facing the street

Sleeping on the porch

This homeowner on Greenwood Avenue values tomatoes more than grass. Good for them!